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In the week of Maldini and Serginho’s birthdays, here’s the story of 5 legendary Rossoneri full-backs! ✋🏻
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A New Milan . Dropping July 6. PUMA Football #NewLevels

A New Milan 🔴⚫. Dropping July 6.
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Top 10 Youngsters of World Football

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The topic that everyone seems to want to question. Who are the best young players, player comparisons and most importantly is whether they will live up to their potential. There have been numerous youngsters in the past five years alone. Pablo Aimar and Javier Saviola were supposed to be the new Diego Maradona, Antonio Cassano the new Roberto Baggio. The list could go on for failed potential. Here I am going to list the top 10 players in the world.

10) Mario Balotelli

Current Club: Inter Milan

Nationality: Ghana, Italy

Age: 17

Position: Striker

Player Comparisons: George Weah

A player with big potential. A big, strong and pacy forward who is a specialist set piece taker. At just 17 he has been called up to an senior international call up by his home country Ghana, though this has been declined due to his preference to play for Italy once he reaches his 18th birthday. Baloteli is one to look out for the future.

9) Giovani Dos Santos

Current Club: Tottenham

Nationality: Mexico

Age: 19

Posistion: Attacking Midfielder (Left, Right)

Player Comparisons: Ronaldinho

Giovani Dos Santos comes to Tottenham with a huge reputation. At Barcelona he had the likes of Messi, Ronaldinho, Henry, Bojan and Iniesta competing with him for a first team spot. A skilful winger who can be just as strong playing on the right as he can on the left. The £4.7 million Tottenham paid Barcelona could prove to be a massive bargain as he plays his trade in the Premiership next season.

8) Karim Benzema

Current Club: Lyon

Nationality: France, Algeria

Age: 20

Position: Striker

Player Comparisons: Nickolas Anelka

The young French forward has just had a fantastic season in France finishing top scorers with 24 goals ensuring Lyon were to win the League for the 7th year in a row. His quality has interested the likes of Man Utd and Real Madrid though he has underlined his determination to stay with the French champions for the time being. His reputation around Europe has increased around Europe to the point that some fans were already predicting he would become the top scorer at Euro 2008, although this was not to happen.

7) Theo Walcott

Current Club: Arsenal

Nationality: England

Age: 19

Position: Right Midfielder, Striker

Player Comparisons: Ryan Giggs

It seems like the young England forward has been around for forever. It was when he was just 16 playing for Southampton that he convinced Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to sign him beating off some tough competition. He was then brought into the England squad for the 2006 World Cup without playing a single game for Arsenal, though he did not feature in the tournament. Since then he has slowly progressed and will this year be hoping to push himself into the Arsenal starting line up.

6) Carlos Vela

Current Club: Arsenal

Nationality: Mexico

Age: 19

Position: Striker

Player Comparisons: David Villa

Bought by Arsenal after receiving the player of the tournament in the u17s World Cup for Mexico. He has since spent his time on loan in Spain awaiting a work permit. A player who is very similar to Valencia start David Villa due to his pace and finishing ability. Like Tottenham signing Dos Santos he will be looking to make an impact in his opening season in English football.

5) Lulinha

Current Club: Cortinthians

Nationality: Brazil

Age: 18

Position: Attacking Mid

Player Comparisons: Kaka

The only player in the list playing outside of Europe will show how highly rated this player is. A hugely talented player who could be set to become one of the next Brazilian greats. Clubs like Chelsea are known to have made an enquiry though the Brazilian club will not let him go unless an offer of £24 Million comes in.

4) Alexandre Pato

Current Club: Ac Milan

Nationality: Brazil

Age: 18

Position: Striker

Player Comparisons: Samuel Eto’o

When people discuss the most deadly forward lines which they do with AC Milan, then for a 18 year old considered to be in that forward line is some fete. It was not until January where he could make his first team appearance for AC Milan. It was when people started realising why he was so talked about prior to his debut. Despite being injured and missing a few weeks off injury, Pato still managed to score 9 goals for the club. The club displayed so much confidence in him that they started him in the Champions league game against Arsenal ahead of the likes of Flippo Inzahgi. He is currently at the Beijing Olympics where he has already spoke off his desire to finish as top scorer.

3) Anderson

Current Club: Man Utd

Nationality: Brazil

Age: 20

Position: Central Midfield

Player Comparisons: Diego Simeone, Paul Scholes

Bought for a fee believed to be around £18 million. Utd have very high hopes for Anderson and will be one of the only youngsters in the world deemed worthy enough to fill in Paul Schole’s boots. A very all rounded midfielder who passed better then any player on this list. He can also tackle and dribble which is rare nowadays for a player of his talent. One issue with Anderson is that he has been quite prone to injuries so he will need to do his best to ensure this doesn’t damage his career.

2) Bojan

Current Club: Barcelona

Nationality: Spain

Age: 17

Position: Striker

Player Comparisons: Raul

800 youth goals for Barcelona should be enough to talk about for Bojan. Already given the number 11 shirt for Barcelona which might suggest he will be in the starting eleven for next season. He scored 12 goals in his 1st senior season for Barcelona. He seems like he wants to stay at the club for his whole career so he could break every goalscoring record the club has much like Bojan did at youth levels.

1) Sergio Aguero

Current Club: Athletico Madrid

Nationality: Argentina

Age: 20

Position: Striker

Player Comparisons: Romario

Seen along with Lionel Messi, the future of Argentinian football. Moving to Athletico Madrid was seen as a massive coup for the club due to the European teams being interested as well. He came to the club with a big reputation and it took him a year to settle in at Madrid where he could show glimpses of his true talent. It was in his second year where he unleashed his full talent terrorising defences everywhere in Spain becoming the La Liga player of the year. Joining Lionel Messi to become the youngest winner of the award in history. Bigger things are expected of him next season as the club are in the Champions League where he can have the perfect stage to demonstrate his talent to the world.

The question however remains as to how many of these players will live up to there potential. It is impossible to answer.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the Highest Paid Footballer in the World

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Cristiano Ronaldo who joined Real Madrid this season in in a world record transfer fee from Manchester United, is currently the highest paid football player in the world, after a “Top 50” list was released today.

According to the “Football Finance” site, Cristiano Ronaldo, currently with Real Madrid, is the highest paid footballer in the world. The captain of the Portugal team receives €1.083 million per month, or 13 million euros per year. In 2nd position is the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic, of Barcelona, banking one million euros per month (12 million per year) and in 3rd place comes Argentina’s Lionel Messi, captain of the Catalan team, with 875 thousand euros a month or 10.5 million per year.

Spain, England, Italy and Germany are the countries that have the clubs (about a dozen of them) with the best paid players in football today, earning astronomical salaries in an industry that is showing signs of growth once again, with the galactic Real Madrid in the front.

“In a year of recovery after the severe economic crisis that affected most of the clubs, the football industry is showing signs of recovery “begins by saying” the Portuguese marketing agency “Futebol Finance.” For 3 consecutive years, that site has renovated and updated the list with the highest salaries of football players. With major changes in relation to the 2008/09 season – the biggest being the creation of a new “Galactic” team by Real Madrid and the newest millionaires, Manchester City, which has followed the same line of Chelsea, of previous years, considerably inflating salaries paid to the players of the “Premier League.”

With the most expensive transfer ever in football history, Cristiano Ronaldo of Madeira Island, voted best player in the world in 2009, heads the list, ahead of his “rivals” Ibrahimovic and Messi, both of FC Barcelona. According to the table, in 4th place comes the first player who’s not playing in Spain, namely Samuel Eto’o, of Inter Milan, coached by Portuguese José Mourinho. The Brazilian Kaka, teammate of Ronaldo at Bernabeu, takes home 833 thousand euros a month in salary and $10 million per year, composing the “top five.”

Spain and England have the top players

In the “Top 50” appear four more players from Real Madrid Galacticos. They are; Benzema (7), Raul (17), Casillas (22) and Diarra (45), the latter with a monthly salary of 416 thousand euros and five million per year. From Barcelona besides Ibrahimovic and Messi, the list contains six “millionaire” names. These are Henry (11), Xavi (12), Daniel Alves (15), Valdez (23), Puyol (37) and Iniesta (38). Still in Spain there are another three players; Kanoute (Sevilla), at 24. David Villa (Valencia) at 30 and Aguero (Atletico Madrid) at 39.

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